Tim Spencer
Solo Entertainer
Pensacola Beach, Florida

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Pensacola Beach, Florida
About Me

    I began playing guitar at the age of 12 years old. I was living in Paris, Texas at the time. We went to south Padre Island one summer for a beach vacation and while we were there my dad picked up a small Mexican guitar in a pawn shop for $13. My dad would try to play and sing songs to us kids at night before we would go to bed.

    I began playing with it after a few months and learned a few of the basic chords. I never took it very seriously at first, it was just another hobby to me. Then when I was 14 I began to play it all the time quickly surpassing my fathers abilities. At the same time my family moved to Port Arthur, Texas.

    I didn't realize at first what a great music town I was moving into. There were lots of great musicians in the area already like Janis Joplin who had just become famous a few years before. Johnny Winter got signed about that time and Edgar soon followed. ZZ Top was still playing copy songs across the street in Groves, TX. I started playing in church Christmas programs and learned how to finger pick and strum quite well.

    About the time I was 17 years old I had a friend who could play pretty good too and he called me to come play at his church with him one Sunday evening as the opening act for a concert they were having. It was the Port Arthur Memorial Baptist Church. The head liner was George Jones and he had a blond singer with him who I believe was Tammy Wynette. Someone in the church knew George and got him to come play at the church. I had never heard of him at the time and took the whole thing very casual: I was hooked on the attention of the crowd, though.

    In 1973 I bought a 1961 Fender Stratocaster for $125 which I still have today. I started college at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX and I began playing an old violin I had gotten from my grandmother when she died. I actually took a violin class once a week and got a three hour credit for it at the college. While attending college I played "Classical Gas" in the traveling version of "Ted Mac's Amateur Hour". I didn't win but it was an awesome experience to play for 2500 people at the age of 19.

    At the time I was also taking a music theory class and I met a drummer friend who was in a band. They were looking for a guitar player to travel on the road with a singer who had an album he was promoting. I auditioned on Christmas Eve and got the job. I was working on the road full time for the first time January 2, 1974. I loved it and took a semester off from college. I learned a lot about the music business and how it worked. The agents, bar owners and managers, groupies, mis-bookings and band fights in motel rooms and awesome wonderful times I could never have expected when everything went right.

    It lasted six months and I returned home to finish college. I picked up lots of gigs with weekend bands until I finished college. One group was Doug Childress and Blackwater. It was a country band that had a steady Saturday night gig at the VFW Hall in Orange, TX. Being a fiddle player, too, it was tolerable. We played several concerts with recording artists like John Wesley Riles, Jeannie Pruit, Johnny Paycheck, and the Earl Scruggs Review, Kenny Dale and several others I forgot along the way when they would book them at the hall. After graduating from college I moved to Denver, CO with a friend and formed a very successful band called Longshot.

    After a year I decided I really wanted to work as a solo entertainer and that the acoustic guitar was my calling. I played the mountain jobs for about another year. It was just too cold and I decided to move back to Houston, TX. While in Houston I started working with the Chelsea Street Pubs chain out of Austin, TX. They had 23 restaurants in four states and I would play a week or two at each of the restaurants that hired soloists.  It was a great experience. In the summer of 1986 they sent me to Odessa, Tx for two weeks and then to Gainsville, FL.  to play another two weeks.  I had one day to drive from Odessa to Gainsville (900 miles). On the way back I stopped in Pensacola Beach, FL and got a job at a small oyster bar called Schooners (now closed). It was an awesome place in paradise.  I decided I had had enough of the road and this was where I belonged. 

    Since then I have played all over the gulf coast from Gulf Shores to Panama City Beach, and at many of the finest resorts and restaurants like the awesome Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort in Panama City Beach where they filmed MTV's Spring Break shows. Also at Flounder's Chowder & Ale House on Pensacola Beach for eight years and McGuire's Irish pub in Destin for five summers. I have performed at the awesome Quietwater Boardwalk Bandshell Arena over 120 times and held the weekend job for the entire summer of 1995. I have also played the Ready Room Officers Club at Pensacola Naval Air Station many times. I have played Seville Quarter and the world famous Trader Jon's in the downtown Seville historical district. And I can't forget to mention the hundreds of smaller clubs and restaurants that I have enjoyed playing at over the years that buzz with locals every night along the gulf coast.

    To see where I am currently playing please check my schedule.....

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